Friday, 24 February 2012

Lovely, Lovely Fabric & Opening Etsy Shop

Happy Friday!

Now I am not trying to make anyone jealous but here is the lovely, lovely fabric I got in the post today:
I have lots of plans (my notebook is being filled with a new list of things to make).
Some Easter decorations in there too.
It came from where the prices are reasonable and you can fit a whole lot of cotton fabric into one parcel!

Have made myself a promise not to buy any more fabric for awhile, must use up existing stock first or will end up bankrupt.

I am so pleased to say that I finally started work on my new etsy shop to run along with my existing dolly one. Its MariaHomeDecorations on etsy, wish me luck!

Have a wonderful weekend and hope the sun is shining!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Fabric pictures and apron for mom!


I have made of few of these material pictures, some use new and some use and vintage frames for a unique look. The one above is a recycled frame.
I experimented along the way using embroidery thread but after lots of work I realised it was too much detail and actually made it harder to read the words. Sometimes less is more!
Each frame uses different materials and words.

Sorry this one is a bit blurry. It was so overcast today and yesterday I couldn't take a decent photo. I have all my stuff lined up to list on etsy but I shall have to wait for the sun to shine!!

Yesterday I remembered my promise to make an apron for my mother (she's a patient woman!), so I got the freshly washed fabric all lined up. As I don't have a pattern for an apron I decided to copy around the pattern of one of my own apron which is a great shape.

I cut around the edge adding a couple of inches and then copied again around a plain white material for backing. And so basically sewed the two sides together and added on the apron tape for ties and a pocket ( a last minute request!) and ta da:

I hope she likes it! The material was quite thin so that's why I added the backing layer.
Next on the list its new children's aprons.

Take care,

Friday, 17 February 2012

New shop on the way!


I've been slowly working on stuff for my planned childrens decorations shop which will be a mix of handmade and vintage. Here are some of the things I will be listing:
Small Wooden Vintage picture, perfect for a Child's room.
This would have been great for Valentines Day.
Bunting for Boys
Right, time to cook some scones!
Have a great weekend,

Take care,

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines Day


Say it with buttons and a vintage tablecloth.

Maybe turning up for her date wearing a wedding dress wasn't Barbies greatest idea....

I finally got all my little cushions sewn up.

A suitcase of cushions
Happy Valentines Day to you all,

Take care,

Friday, 10 February 2012

Making New Dolly Bits


 There is a lot of work in progress around here this week!

This is a selection of what I am making at the moment. There is some small bunting for Sindy and Barbie size dolls, it is 1:6 scale. Also you can see som new dolls bedding and some new cushions. These have been sown and turned around. Now they need ironing, stuffing and sowing.

Lots of work to be done!

I also make bunting for girls/boys/occasions. I've been slowly building up stock to sell along with vintage and other childrens rooms decorations on etsy. 

Have a great day,

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Restoring Old Dolls, the Spa Day for dolls


I'm going to do a short guide to restoring dolls, which I hope helps a few dolls out there!
Maybe you have found some dolls in the local charity (thrift) store and they have seen better days, maybe you've bought a bundle on the internet or maybe you want to bring your childhood dolls back to their former glory. Unless the doll has serious issues they can be easily cleaned up or restored.
Dolls are hardy, they have to be with all the little brothers in this world, so don't be afraid to soak/scrub.

Sindy has fallen on hard times so trips to the hairdresser are no longer an option!
 First things first, remove all clothes, shoes, rubber bands from hair. These need separate care.

Sindys little sister Patch from the 60s and Trendy Girl  Walker Sindy from early 1970s. Patch was in great condition,
just dirty and in need of a hairbrush. Sindy was missing some paint from eyes, eyelashes are half missing and hair was a big ball of fluff.
 Sometimes dirt can unintentionally preserve the doll.

Tammy, an American doll from the 60s, this was one of the dirtiest I've ever seen. Doesnt look too bad in this photo but the dirt was engrained everwhere.
This method can be used for most teenage dolls (Sindy/Barbie etc.) Do not entirely submerge dolls that need batteries etc!  Fill a basin with washing up liquid and warm water and leave the doll/s to soak for an hour or so. Longer soaking usually means less scrubbing. Get a toothbrush (Buy a pack of cheap ones, soft or medium) and scrub gently. Most dirt will come right off with a gently scrub.
If there is still marks on the doll, its time for a little stronger stuff. The next step is to soak overnight in washing powder, I use any brand of non-bio washing powder. (I use non-bio in the house so its not a specific choice against bio powder)
The next day you can give a gentle brush with the toothbrush again and rinse off under the tap.
Most dirt will be off by now.
Other marks, stains will need further chemical treatment which I will describe again.  But the average doll should be nice and sparkly (face and body) now.
Now its time for the hair. I use normal shampoo (buy a bottle of cheap own brand shampoo) for the hair, rinse and then its conditioner time.  If its a 1980s Sindy, or Barbie then usually fabric conditioner is perfect for the job. Or a Patch doll in the case below, Patch has fab hair!

Fabric Conditioner Time
Depending on the hair, I usually leave for a few hours. And then rinse. The hair always feels so soft afterwards. But if the hair is really dry, fizzy this method wont be enough. Now you need to break out the good stuff! Time to share the intensive conditioner.
Intensive conditioner time, its ok her head somes off easily.
You apply plenty of conditioner to the hair and cover with a plastic bag/cling film. Seal bag. Leave
in a drawer for a couple of weeks. If the hair still has not improved a lot, then reapply conditioner and leave
back in the drawer. You don't actually need a drawer, just keep out of direct sunlight. I leave in drawer to stop my impatience and opening too soon.

Once doll is rinsed leave to dry on a towel out of direct sunlight. Usually overnight is long enough.

Once all these steps have been followed then most dolls are ready for hair styling and dressing.
I'll cover hair and clothes another day.
Hope this was helpful!

Take care,

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Spring is Here & My Etsy Shop opens


Welcome Spring! It feels as cold as winter but who cares because it is officially spring.

I began listing on Etsy last night, it took me awhile to figure my way around it. I will be selling all sorts of things for dolls, buttons, supplies, handmade decorations, some vintage bits and some OOAK bits.

This arrived for me in the post today and distracted me from all the lovely housework I should have been doing, he he. It came from on etsy where the owner Jody is so incredibly patient and helpful and of course has fabulous fabric.

Happy Spring!
Take care,