Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Busy in Dolly World, new look Sindy doll


I've been busy making small things. I made a lot of children and adult items in the last few weeks so it was a real novelty to make little things again.

I also re-rooted (gave a new head of hair) to a Sindy doll from the 1980s. The doll originally had brown hair but it was missing lots of hair in patches so I decided to give her a whole new look. I mixed two hair colours together. I was inspired by my daughter's Monster High doll as these tend to have unusual hair colours. I am guessing if Sindy was still on sale today she might just have a similar look.
The hair needs to be cut and styled now, am open to suggestions.

I am working on a pattern for doll's dresses. The one in the photo is my prototype. Its a bit big on Sindy doll but perfect on a Barbie doll. Its based on a 1970s pattern that was incorrect but hopefully its ok now. I have some small print fabric ready to be cut up later, some of it is so cute.
Right time to snap back into adult world.
All the best,

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Altamount Gardens


What a week of rain (again!). We had a great walk in Altamount Gardens, Carlow today, in the rain of course. It was relatively sunny when we left and then the minute I parked the car the floodgates opened. Raincoats went on and we had a great time.
The roses were amazing as were all the flowers. When I win the lotto I am going to transform my garden of weeds into something spectacular!

Hope the weather is better wherever you are!
Enjoy the weekend,

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Pictures from the Fair!


Am well rested today after a comfortable day sitting on a deckchair at the fair in Shankill Castle,
Kilkenny! The weather was wonderful which was a near miracle after the rain of last week.
Here's some pics of the stand. It was a great learning curve, as I kept rearranging and adjusting as the day went on. My mother came with me for support and I think she spent more than we earned!! We were there an hour before opening so had plenty of time to unload the car, open up the gazebo and arrange all the items on the table.

This is the side of a cot (unsused at present!!) used to display aprons and bags. A few more hangers would have been handy but I'll know the next time.

Its still a work in progress here, I was stepping back to see how it looked. I would love to have had oilcloth for the table but funds would not allow, hopefully next time. I improvised with a duvet cover. I actually found I didn't have that much room for displaying items, despite the table being two metres. The stall next to me (three lovely ladies who had jewellry and decoupage boxes) had three tables, one either side and one at the end of the gazebo which was a great idea as there was plenty of room for displaying items without them appearing crowded. Also I'll be on the lookout for wooden boxes etc to create some height on the stall.
My mother is helping with the display above.
Here's a view of the castle from our stand. The grounds were amazing. Since I was a child we would drive by the gates of the this castle on our way to Tramore, Co. Waterford so it was interesting to see what was hiding behind the gates all these years!
Yes I made some sales which was very exciting. It was wonderful to see little girls trying on my handmade aprons. I received lots of positive comments which was great as well especially as I am new to this whole business, it meant a lot!

I met Eve, from Grace of Eden on etsy ,who is a lovely friendly lady with some amazing jewellery pieces. I meant to take a picture of her stall and I'm sorry I didn't!
All the stall holders were so friendly and there was some really beautiful work, not to mention tasty cakes. That really makes the experience (the fellow crafters and not the cakes that is)

All the best,

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Lots of stock for the fair


I've been busy trying to get some stock together for the fair on Sunday. Its my first one so I am guessing as to how much of everything I need. So I've gone with the more the merrier! Here's the aprons:

Each one is different so there should be one to suit all tastes
 Above is my cushion mountain.   I sometimes test things on my children to check if children would like them. With small boy you know he likes it if he asks if its for him. Small girl is a lot more expressive in her opinions, so you get a long and detailed opinion.

All the best,

Friday, 8 June 2012

The Paddington Bear Effect - Decorating Boys Rooms


I was thinking about a colour scheme for a boys cushion the other day and it occured to me that so much boys decorations (especially mine!) and toys are inspired colour wise by Paddington Bear, or what I call the Paddington Bear effect. Its a mix of dark blue/navy and dark red/wine colours.
Take a Paddington Bear or two:
Add some matching curtains!
In his room, small boy has lots of shelves (Ikea bargain and yes I really must remove that sticker now I see it in the photograph) where we've put some of his toys. These are the ones that break easily/ or can be used as a weapon/ or are older boys toys. Of course it doesn't stop him from climbing up, if anything it makes them very tempting..

This is a handy wooden wall hanging with little handles for hanging bits and bobs. This was free from a charity shop a few years ago. The lady didn't think it was worth anything!
Next add a blue wall. I love this colour blue. I had one wall painted blue only and the rest of the walls are white. The rooms at this side of the house get the least amount of sun so I thought it might be too dark otherwise.
The chair I spray painted and recovered with fabric. The cushion is from Laura Ashley (on sale!).
Above is a Laura Ashley rug (on sale!) and a handy toy box from Pennys. I was eyeing up the rug for months and the shop had one of those great sales where everything in the shop is a certain percentage off so you can justify purchases then.

The chest of drawers on the left was an Ikea purchase, I replaced the handles with cute zebra ones from Homebase. The suitcase is from TK Maxx. The cowboy stool is by a Danish company whose name I can't remember.

So as you can see the Paddington Bear effect has taken over the room! I do think its a great colour scheme in that it has taken him from a babys room to a little boys room and then it will still be acceptable when he is older with a little adjustment. 

Have a great weekend and hope the weather is better than here wherever you are!
All the best,

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

My first Treasury List on Etsy & Busy Sewing


I have always admired the fab treasury lists on etsy and yesterday I finally did one myself.
It contains all items by Irish crafters from the Crafty Ireland Team, some wonderful bits and pieces, there is some great talent out there!

Little hearts for the fair, some with lavender and some plain!
I've made a lot of boy aprons and cushions in the last week, to sort of even things up as I seemed to have ten girl things for every boy one. I am blaming it on the fabulous pretty fabric. Here's a boys cushion below. I was tempted to add this to small boys room as it would match his colour scheme but he has too many.

All the best,