Monday, 8 September 2014

Its truly Autumn when the kids are back in school...


I can't believe its September! Ah where is the year going? Smallest one is nearly two! He was dramatically distraught for two days to see his siblings return to school but has since recovered enough to wave them off in the morning. It didn't take long, bless.
I've been sewing lots of dresses and clothes this last couple of weeks and busy working on orders. There's nothing like working with lots of new fabrics! My new woven labels and sizes arrived. Next I have to sort labels and packaging. The list is endless.

Planning for Christmas is underway, excited to be using my own fabrics this year, including some of the mix on the dolls bed set below which will be for sale soon. 
I finally took some pics of my son's John Dere rag bunting and I'll post a how-to very soon, a sew-free bunting!
Have a great day,